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Archipelago is a component-based framework designed to exploit composability and reuse in an environment of maximised concurrency and scalability. Get the version that best suits your needs or at least try our free version.

Maven Repository Setup

A repository that supports Maven-compatible projects and JARs, with support for Gradle, SBT, Leiningen, Ivy, Grape, etc.

The following instructions are for Maven or compatible packages only.

This is a private repository, so please refer to Info tab for more information on how read-only authentication works.

Note: These instructions are for setup to install/use artifacts; maybe you’d like to upload packages instead?

Community or Commercial

To do this add the following XML to your project pom.xml file:


Encrypting Credentials

As mentioned earlier we would highly advise that you encrypt your credentials using something like mvn --encrypt-password B6PBMj6CDlK6R28L, of which you can refer to the mini encryption guide for more detailed help (external link). This method may only work for Maven and Gradle-based repositories.